Nikkosisms and Ariahnisms

November 26 2014

Ariahna just told Nikkos “Chop chop Bubba. It’s 4th quarter. We gotta hurry!” Lol. I’m so proud.

November 16 2014

Ariahna: I am going to put a picture of my favoritest person in the world in this locket.
Me: *Gets really proud thinking she was talking about me*
Ariahna: …Myyyy daddy.

November 10 2014

Half way to Ariahna’s swim lessons I had seen about ten cars spin around and a couple of dozen slide off the road. Nope. Swim lessons are NOT that important. Luckily my sweet, adorable baby girl agreed and said “I just don’t want anyone to get hurt. Its OK, Mommy. Don’t feel bad. Lets just go home”

October 31 2014

Pretty sure my kids had more fun giving candy to trick or treaters than actually trick or treating themselves “Papa! Another customer!!” Entrepreneurs in training.

September 22 2014

I was walking through a nice quiet Toys R Us when I suddenly hear a child loudly sing “Hurt so good. Come on baby make it hurt so good.” The embarrassing part? The child I heard was my own 4 year old.

September 6 2014

Nikkos: That lady is bragging
Me: It’s Adele. She’s allowed to brag. She’s a great singer
Nikkos: You are a better singer than her, Mommy.

Love that boy.


July 24 2014

Me: You need to finish your sandwich so you can grow to be big and strong
Nikkos: So, sometimes superheros go to fight small guys and they think the fight is going to be really easy. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes the smallest guys are the most powerful. Food for thought, Mommy.
Who are my children today?!

July 24 2014

Ariahna: Everyone makes money on a computer
Me: How do they do that?
Ariahna: All you have to do is press the four which has a dollar sign on it
Me: Its that easy?
Ariahna: Yep! Now can we go to Disney World?

July 23 2014

Me: Give me one legitimate reason why you don’t like hamburgers and I will think about giving you something else
Ariahna: I get distracted by the bun when I’m eating Han-ga-burs and THAT’S why I cant enjoy them.
Me: How is the bun distracting?
Ariahna: Because I want to eat it sometimes and sometimes I don’t


June 9 2014

Ariahna just came up to me like she was going to say something profound. What did she say? “Mommy, some boys wear socks, some boys don’t. Some boys have jet packs and some boys don’t. Just so you know.”

May 24 2014

I heard Ariahna crying so I ran upstairs to find her on the ground next to her R2D2 robot saying “Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.” SMH. She is her fathers child.

May 17 2014

Nikkos decided to write a song for me:

“If the world didn’t have moms there would be no girls
And I would be sad if there were no girls
And I would be sad because Mommy sneaks me M&Ms
And Daddy definitely doesn’t do that
And if there were no moms all we would have is cranky dads
Who make their famous hamburgers
I love my moooommmmmyyyy
And she loves eBay
And she loves to sell on Amazon and Etttsyyyyyy
And she loves us even when we are being bad
And driving her crazy
And she annoys me by singing all the time
She sings Frozen songs more than Sissie
I love my mooommmmyyyy”


May 10 2014

What did I wake up to this morning? Ariahna excitedly running into our room and saying “Mommy!!! I know how to hold a baby monkey!!!” SMH. Parenthood.

April 28 2014

Nikkos and Tom got home from the hospital after his blood work was done:
Me: I’m proud of you for being so brave!
Nikkos: I was NOT brave, Mommy. I have to tell the truth.
15min later my mom called to check on him
Mom: It’s not fun getting stuck with needles, huh.
Nikkos: Yai-Yai I it wasn’t stuck. They put it in and pulled it back out….
leave it to him to make me laugh when I was beyond stressed.


February 4 2014

Nikkos: Mommy!!! Sissie called me a duck!!!
Nikkos: Oh, it gets worse. She called me a RECYCLED duck
Me: Ummm….ok….
Nikkos: Mommy! Do you not know how INSULTING that is?!

January 25 2014

Nikkos: Sissie, you’re going to die
Me: Nikkos! That wasn’t a very nice thing to say! Don’t say stuff like that!
Nikkos: But it’s true, Mommy. Someday everyone will die and become an angel.
*Ariahna starts crying*
Nikkos: Sissie, don’t cry. When you are an angel you get to fly like a fairy!
Ariahna: *bawling* I don’t want to be a fairy! I don’t want to die!

January 23 2014

Nikkos: Mommy, did you throw away that stuff?
Me: Yeah. It was junk, buddy. It was McDonalds toys and stuff
Nikkos: *sighs heavily* One mans junk is another mans treasure. You should know that, Mommy.

June 23 2013

Nikkos got a haircut today and when we got to the car afterwards he said “Aaahhhhh. Now I feel like a simple man.”

June 9 2013

I jokingly asked Nikkos if he wanted to go dumpster diving. He got really excited and ran to his room to get his swimsuit. I was confused and asked why he needed a swimsuit. Turns out he thought I said LOBSTER diving

May 13 2013

Me: Sis, what’s your favorite animal?
Ariahna: Elephants
Me: Why elephants?
Ariahna: Because them don’t hate themselves. Hippos HATE themselves.

May 3 2013

I overheard the kids having a “business meeting.” Nikkos was telling Ariahna that they should have a lemonade stand and with the profit they should reinvest in an even bigger lemonade stand. Smartest little entrepreneur ever.

March 20 2013

Nikkos: You know what would be cool?
Me: Whats that?
Nikkos: It would be cool to chasse all the way around the world. Chasseing is my favorite thing to do.

March 2 2013

Me: Name a form of transportation that doesnt require a motor.
Nikkos: A broomstick
Not sure why that was his first answer, but I will give him points for creativity

February 19 2013

Nikkos: “Who gets presents on presents day anyway?” It took me a minute to realize he meant PRESIDENTS day. Haha!

February 2 2013

Yesterday morning Nikkos told me he had a surprise for me in my room. I had completely forgotten about it until I went to bed and saw a heart shaped magnet on my nightstand from him. Completely melted my heart and reminded me that sometimes it is the little acts of kindness that mean the most. I will cherish that magnet.

January 25 2013

Nikkos just started crying because someday when he’s old and dies and goes to heaven he will miss his baby sister. I can’t decide if that’s cute or morbid.

January 13 2013

“Mommyyyyyyy! Sissie called me a tattle taaallleee!” SMH. Ummmmm doesn’t coming down to tell me that prove her point?

January 4 2013

Nikkos asked how Tom got to work because the van is in the driveway. I told him that the van won’t start so Daddy had to run to work. Nikkos started crying and said that the house elf from Harry Potter must have broken it. I don’t know if I am more mad that the car won’t start, or more amused at Nikkos response.

November 10 2012

Nikkos: “Daddy, I helped Mommy clean today and I used a SUPER dangerous cleaning tool.” Me: “…..also known as a mop.” Lol gotta love a dramatic child.

October 26 2012

Nikkos: “I talk so much because I have a lot of important things to say and its important for people to hear my words.” And booooy is he right. That child can out talk anyone.

September 12 2012

Nikkos: You know, God is sad that Daddy is working too

Me: Why do you say that?

Nikkos: Because the clouds are crying

June 28 2012

Lol Nikkos just said “You know Mommy, I got the moves like Jagger too.” Oh gosh. Does that mean I have moves like Jagger?

May 30 2012

Nikkos: “Sometimes I hide snacks in my pillowcase. I have brownies in it right now.”

May 29 2012

Nikkos: “We have a tough job, but someone has to do it. Huh, Mommy?” He was “helping” me take price tags off inventory.

May 15 2012

Nikkos: “Mommy, my favorite part of the day was seeing you walk down the stairs this morning. I sure missed your beautiful smile.”

May 9 2012

Just overheard Nikkos telling Ariahna that he was sorry for throwing a boot at her and then pulling her hair and then locking her in her closet.

May 2 2012

There was a dead fox in the middle of the road. Nikkos saw it and said “MOMMY STOP! We need to tell the police to call God so he can come take that fox to heaven!”

April 20 2012

Overheard Nikkos telling Ariahna “Our caterpillars have a lot of growing to do before they turn into beautiful butterflies. Just like when you grow bigger you might be pretty like me.”

March 25 2012

Heard Nikkos yelling “ayuda me!” I had to look up what it meant. My 4 year old is smarter than I am. Smh.

March 17 2012

Just overheard Nikkos have one GI Joe tell another “We can’t all be as strong as Papa. He runs races and is the strongest guy I ever seen.”

February 29 2012

Nikkos: Babies come in packages?!
Me: What?
Nikkos: the lady on tv said she delivered a baby. I didn’t know babies came in packages I thought they came from a mommys tummy.

January 22 2012

Nikkos was looking in the mirror very focused. After about 5min he turns to me and says “Mommy, I look like Justin Beaver (Bieber). Ladies just going to loooove me.” I about died laughing.

January 17 2012

Nikkos: Mommy, did you know that when we die we turn into bones and then they send us to the dinosaur museum?

December 31 2011

Me: “What are you going to do when you grow up?”
Nikkos: “Well, when Sissie is eating cheetos I will take them away from her and tell her she is breaking the rules.”
Lol…not exactly what I thought he would say

December 13 2011

Nikkos: “Mommy, I enjoy eating yogurt all day long. Don’t you want me to enjoy my day? You should let me have more yogurt.”
Is this really my life?!

December 1 2011

Nikkos: Mommy, something has been bothering me
Me: whats on your mind, bud?
Nikkos: I just dont get how no one built the ark. SOMEONE had to do it
Me: oooohhh. Noah. His name was Noah not no one.

September 11 2011

Nikkos: I have bad news
Me: what?
Nikkos: Daddy put my brain and my manners on the counter so I can’t reach them.

September 3 2011

Tom: Why were you slamming Sissies head into the closet door?
Nikkos: I wanted to use her as a drumstick

August 6 2011

Nikkos: “I am holding Sissies hand because it makes her happy. When I was a big boy sleeping at Papa’s house her heart was sad and now her heart can be happy again.”

July 27 2011

Nikkos: “I was thinkin’ I could maybe give some of my toys to boys who don’t has any toys to play with.” Me: “Awww that would be a very sweet thing to do for them.” Nikkos: “And then maybe I could give Sissie to the girls.” lol

July 20 2011

Nikkos: “Once I learn my letters I might even be as smart as my papa.” Me: “What about me and Daddy? Aren’t we smart too?” Nikkos: “Hmmm no…you need to go to a lot more school before you is as smart as Papa.” Ouch!

June 30 2011

Nikkos: “When I read books from my Grandma Donna it just makes me miss her too much.”

June 20 2011

Nikkos: “Wow Sissie! You have the strongest muscles of any girl i ever seen before! That is so great princess.” Ariahna: “Aaawwwwhhh thank you.”

June 12 2011

Watching Nikkos try to teach Ariahna the alphabet is quite possibly one of the cutest things I have ever seen. “Don’t worry Sissie. It took me LOTS of years to learn all this stuff.” Hahaha

May 20 2011

Nikkos: “Oh don’t worry about me, Mommy. I am wearing a safety helmet.” Maybe 30 seconds later I hear him crying “Stupid helmet. Never works the right way.” Me: “Maybe you shouldn’t try to fly down the stairs, huh bud?” Nikkos: “Well, if the helmet worked right I wouldn’t be hurt. Hmph!” Touche!

May 2 2011

Nikkos: “Mommy, what color am I?” Me: “White.” Nikkos: “I not white I lots of colors. My eyes are blue and my hair is brown and my toe nails is pink and my lips is pink too.”

May 1 2011

Nikkos: “When I grow up I going to be a firefighter and go grocery shopping and when Sissie grows up her is going to do homework. I excited for it.”

April 29 2011

Nikkos got mad at me and told me to leave. I asked him where I should go and his response (Screaming at me, mind you) was “Mommy just…go…go to KMART!!! Go there and buy some stuff!” I haven’t even been inside a Kmart in probably ten years. Not sure how he even knows what it is.

April 16 2011

Nikkos: “I like loud music. The kind you can yell to. You has to have long hairs to listen to that music and I only has little hairs on my head.”

April 11 2011

Just watched Nikkos put a helmet on one of Ariahnas dolls and proceed to throw it down the stairs. I asked what he was doing and he said “Well, Mommy. I had to make her safe first.” I hope he never tries that with his sister! Never a dull moment with that child.

April 11 2011

Nikkos just used his “jedi powers” to stop me from going into the livingroom. Lovely. Like father like son I guess.

April 9 2011

Nikkos just had a 10 minute conversation with Ariahna and he talked for both of them. “Hey Sissie would you like to play downstairs with me?” and then he would change his voice to talk for her. “Oh I would like that Bubba. You are so sweet.” Hahaha

April 3 2011

“Mommy….you are going to be REALLY mad at me.” That tops the list of things you never want to hear your 3 year old say. Thank goodness for Mr Clean Magic Erasers!

March 30 2011

Me: “I just have no motivation today.” Nikkos: “Maybe its playing hide and seek or something.” Yes…yes it is.

March 26 2011

Note to self: letting your 3 year old play with your car keys will NOT have a good outcome 😦 “I put them in a GOOOOOD place so Sis Sis can’t find them!” The problem is, neither can Mommy and Daddy

March 23 2011

One thing you never want to hear your child say: “Mommy, we don’t play with poop do we?” Ayayay!

March 21 2011

My son is officially smarter than I am. We went to the zoo today and I said “look at that ostrich!” and he said “no, Mommy. That is an emu.”……He was right.

Match 14 2011

Me: “I am so sick of this stupid cable box not working.” Nikkos: “Don’t worry Mommy! You can just call Bob the Builder to come fix it. It will be ok.” He cracks me up!

March 12 2011

When we were out shopping today Nikkos kept telling complete strangers “I sure do look handsome today.” Kids say the darndest things.

Feb 4 2011

Nikkos: “I wish I could go to jail when I grow up.” Me: “if you go to jail you can’t bring your blankie.” Nikkos: “ok maybe I just go yai yais house. Daddy can you drive me there?”

Feb 3 2011

Nikkos just came to me crying. Why? Because his nail polish got chipped. My son is a bigger girl than I am. Sheesh.

Jan 29 2011

Nikkos: “Sometimes I think my sissie doesn’t like me.” Me: “Why do you think that?” Nikkos: “Because one time we was playing in the basement and her pooped so bad I almost throwed up.” Ha he says the strangest things.

Jan 23 2011

Nikkos: “Mommy you can’t be football player when you grow up.”

Me: “Why? Because I’m a girl?”

Nikkos: “No. It cause you’re just not good at it.”


Jan 19 2011

Nikkos: “I don’t like your take it or leave it stupid menu Mommy.” This comes after him asking for macaroni and cheese for breakfast and me telling him his menu consisted of “take it or leave it” with his cereal.

Jan 14 2011

At the doctors office. Nikkos: “The doctor can’t fix me. Him not have any tools.” He is such a trooper

Jan 13 2011

Nikkos: “Woowweee Mommy your belly is big just like my muscles.” Gee…thanks Nikkos

Jan 12 2011

Nikkos: Someday I will fly to the moon like YaiYo [Grandpa]. Me: He doesn’t fly to the moon he makes the rockets that go there. Nikkos: Uuuugghhh Mommy your just don’t understand. Hahaha I love that boy

Jan 11 2011

Nikkos: “I Nikkos Alan Clift.” Me: “Then what’s my name.” Nikkos: “You Mommy Alan Clift or somethin.”

Jan 9 2011

Me: “I sure am tired.” Nikkos: “Maybe your need new batteries.” Hahaha

Jan 2 2011

Nikkos: “Maybe sometime when I wear big boy underwears and can drink a beers I can watch football with Daddy and Papa”

Dec 23 2010

Me: “if I saw a wolf I would be scared.” Nikkos: “that unfortunate. I don’t care if you are scared of woofs.” Ouch!

Dec 9 2010

Nikkos asked for french fries and I told him no. His response? “SIGH mommy, you just don’t care.” Oh no, my 2yr old is already a teenager!

Nov 12 2010

Conversation this morning: Person A: “you need to put your coat on.” Person B: “I will in a minute.” Person A: “put your hood on.” Person B: “I don’t want my hood on.” Person A: “its chilly out. You really need your hood on.” Person B: “Yes mother.” Sadly Nikkos was Person A and I was Person B.

Oct 11 2010

Got Nikkos a nativity set. Five minutes he comes crying to me saying “Sissie is eating baby Jesus.” Hahahahaha

Oct 9 2011

Me: “Nikkos, what do peacocks say?” Nikkos: “Peacocks say ‘help I want my mommy!”

Sept 25 2010

I just hurt my arm and Nikkos said “I be right back” and comes back 2min later with his toolbox and says “Mommy I ready to fix you.” Made me smile.

Sept 11 2010

Me: are you a baby or a big boy? Nikkos: I not big boy mommy I princess! Hahaha

Aug 30 2010

Aaahahaha Nikkos just came in singing “I’m just a girl who can’t say no.”

Aug 20 2010

Nikkos: “awww I love my baby nana. She so precious.” I love that he loves her so much.

Aug 17 2010

Nikkos “I can’t want baklava” hahaha what?!

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