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Clift Family Year in Review

1 Jan

January- RECOVERY. I spent most of my month healing. I got my sense of taste back. This made my husband happy. It turns out I may or may not be a cranky witch when I can’t taste my food. I also took Miss Ariahna to the aquarium and we saw “real live mermaids” and it made her life complete.


February- We enjoyed the abundant Colorado snow. We also started our house hunt in Colorado Springs and put an offer on a house. After 9 other offers this one was accepted! The month was spent packing, packing, packing.

March- Nikkos celebrated his 8th birthday a week before we moved. The last of many celebrations in our old home. As a gift we got him tickets to a Harlem Globetrotters game. We had a great time. Then came moving day and we moved in the middle of one of the biggest blizzards Falcon had seen in years. Our trampoline blew into the neighbors yard 24 hours after this photo was taken. Welcome to the neighborhood!

April- The kids started at their new school after spring break and both really loved their new school. Such a relief to a worried mama. We also explored our new area in the snow and ended up coming home covered in mud. One morning we woke up to brand new baby bunnies right outside our front door. We were finally settling into our new life.

May- Tom and I got away for a weekend and went to a beautiful bed and breakfast. Ariahna graduated kindergarten. I cried. She cried. Her teacher cried. I did my first podcast interview.

June- The start of our Summer adventures. We took a road trip to Casa Grande Arizona to visit family. Along the way we went to Roswell, saw “the thing” (no, I can’t tell you what it was), fed an ostrich in 120 degree heat,  went to museums, and had some amazing family time with our desert family. Unfortunately when we got back our sweet old kitty Galahad passed away. A week later we took a long weekend trip to a cabin in Glenwood. I got plenty of baby cuddles from my niece.

July- Probably the biggest adventure yet. We flew to the northwest for an epic 2 week family trip. We spent a week on the Washington coast in a beautiful cabin on the beach with my grandparents, cousins and their kids. Days were spent building a huge septopus and playing in the ocean. Nights were spent full of laughter and lots of wine. The following week was spent in Salem, OR with my dad and his wife. We went to the beach, aquarium, winery and breweries. More sweet cuddles from my niece. Ariahna also learned to ride a bike!

August- The kids went back to school a few days after our trip ended. Ariahna started 1st grade and Nikkos started 3rd grade. We had a cheesy Olympics party as a family. My grandparents were in town for a couple weeks and my husband and I snuck off to the mountains to celebrate our ten year anniversary. We also started the very long process of becoming foster parents.

September- School was in full swing. We went to a hot air balloon festival in Colorado Springs and both of the kids participated in cross country and loved it!

October- We announced our foster journey to the world. Ariahna got glasses and “I can finally see!” The kids had a dress as your future self day at school. Nikkos dressed as an engineer. Ariahna dressed as a mermaid. The kids decided to be a carrot and peas for Halloween. We went trick or treating with friends in unseasonably warm weather.


November- My dad and his wife, Martha flew out to celebrate Ariahna’s 7th birthday. Best. Present. Ever.

December- We spent Christmas day flying to Texas where we would spend a great family week. It consisted of ice skating, museums, a safari and nights on the patio talking about anything and everything over a glass of wine. What a great way to end the year.

2017 has a lot of adventure in store for our family. 30 days from now we will be a licensed foster home. New business ventures are also in the works and of course our kiddos always keep us on our toes. Happy New Year!

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