One Enchanted Rock

3 Apr

About twenty minutes outside beautiful Fredericksburg, Texas lies quite a magnificent…rock. Yes, rock. You see, this rock possesses powers that no other rock holds. It is really quite a magical rock. People travel to this rock from all over the land to get the secret powers the rock holds. The rock holds the spirits of many Native Americans who used to live on and around it. Each day the rock grants one lucky person their wish for a power. It can be any power they would like to have. So, every person who respects the rock and traverses both up and down it without one complaint gets the opportunity to ask the rock to grant them a magical power. At the top of Enchanted Rock lies a single tree right in the middle of all of the granite. When you have reached this tree you must sit in front of it for ten seconds without moving and with your eyes closed. You silently ask the rock for a power and then thank the spirits of Enchanted Rock. You do not find out if you have gotten a power until you have gotten to the bottom of the climb down. If you complain you do not get any power at all even if you were the chosen one for that day. During our trip to Texas we had the opportunity to climb Enchanted Rock. It was a pilgrimage of sorts.

My son asked the rock for the power to fly and my daughter asked the rock for ice power (Thanks, Frozen). Neither of them complained once going up the rock. On the way down our daughter fell a few times and bravely said “I was going to cry, but then I didn’t”. She really wanted those powers and she was quite confident she was the chosen one. The problem with her plan? She *ghasp* whined of being hungry on the way down. As the story says, if you complain you get no powers. She quickly realized she had broken Enchanted Rock’s rules and that she would not become an ice princess that day. A tear slowly fell down her cheek. The great thing is that the rest of the trip she still didn’t complain even though she knew her chances of getting powers were gone.

Even though I shamelessly created that story so my kids wouldn’t whine on the somewhat difficult hike, I still felt a little hint of magic in the giant slab of granite myself. Maybe it was the beautiful views or the fact that the sun peeked through the clouds right when my daughter told the rock “thank you.” Maybe it was me WANTING to believe that there really are spirits living in nature around us. Either way, I hope I never lose the feeling I personally got from such a silly story.

On the ride home my daughter had her head hung low and I knew she was beating herself up about whining so I really did feel a little bad about creating the story. I had to think quickly and told her that she really does have a power that is stronger than any other power I could think of. She got excited and hopeful and I told her she posesses the power to make people smile. A power most people only dreamed of having. She seemed quite content with that power. I suppose the moral of this story is to believe in yourself and believe you, too, have powers only other people only wish they had. What is your power?


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