Self Reflection

21 Mar


This morning as we waited for my son’s dance class to start we had a great conversation in the car. He was asking about jobs and asked what my first job was. I explained that I became a business owner when I was nine years old. He was pretty impressed until he found out that the business made exactly zero dollars. My brother and I decided we would open our own detective agency. We crafted a sign and placed it in my bedroom window hoping someone would walk or drive by and be in need of our help. Our parents made us take the sign down as soon as they got home from work. I simultaneously opened a business and got fired from my OWN business within a matter of a few hours. My son decided his first job would be more practical. He insists he will be a Target cashier.

That conversation turned into him asking what my first “real” job was. In case you are wondering, I was a costume character at our local amusement park from the age of 14 to 16. That job also happened to be where my husband and I first met 12 years ago. When he grows up my son wants to “be a real estate agent and work from home the way you and Daddy do.” Hopefully he doesn’t think my husband and I get paid to watch reruns of Dr Who episodes and order Jimmy Johns five days a week. Spoiler alert: there really are days where we really do get paid while we watch Dr Who and eat Jimmy Johns.

I regress.

The conversation eventually turned to “if you had a million dollars what would you do with it?” To my surprise my wise beyond his years seven year old boldly said he has no intention of ever being a millionaire. I said “If you are a millionaire you can see everything in the world.” I hope you are sitting down for his response… “You can SEE the world from a postcard, Mommy. Anyway, you don’t have to be a millionaire to EXPERIENCE the world. If you want something bad enough you make it happen.” I literally teared up. Not only because my son is the child I always dreamed of having, but because he was right. Far too often we make excuses as to why we aren’t LIVING. “Someday” should be a word that is banned from our vocabulary. The truth is, someday rarely ever even happens. It is our pathetic way of lying to ourselves to make us feel better in the moment.

We (society) work 9-5 Monday through Friday more often than not at a job that is rarely, if ever fulfilling. For what? So we can “someday” retire and travel the world? Guess what? When you get to the age most people retire a) there is a good chance you won’t have the kind of money you planned to have when you retired and b) you may not have the health required to fulfill all of your dreams. One of my grandmothers DREAMS was to see the fall colors on the east coast. It was her “someday.” Her someday never happened. Before her “someday” came around she passed away far, far too early. Her dream was likely attainable when she initially thought of it. The trouble is she thought she had time.

I don’t want to be the “someday” person I am slowly becoming.

Another example of my son’s infinite wisdom happened smack dab in the middle of a pretty tough four mile hike we were on today. My five year old was tired, hungry and had a new blister that, in her mind, was going to make her leg fall off at any moment. In my last ditch effort to distract her we were talking about all of the things they wanted to do this spring break. Among them were seeing Cinderella, making a fort in the living room and going swimming. My son said he wished we could go see my grandparents in Texas because he hasn’t seen them in “FOOORRREEVVERRR.” I reminded him how expensive it is for four people to fly and said we didn’t have the money, but maybe we could go next year. His response was “How is that going to change anything? It will cost the same amount next year.” Valid point.

The great thing about that conversation is that my husband and I booked our flights for a spring break in Texas last week. We are surprising the kids and taking them. They will find out once we get to the airport. That “someday” plan IS happening.

I do not have a 9 to 5 job. I never plan to have one again. That being said, I still have a job that requires so much TIME. Time I could spend living now instead of postponing my life until retirement. I am determined to have my cake and eat it too. I want a job that requires less time and yields more money. Do I plan to book a one way ticket to Egypt so I can begin my travels? No. I am not crazy. We have children and bills and…life. For now we will keep the successful business we have spent years building. While we keep those businesses thriving I plan to spend every spare moment brainstorming what I can do to make my “somedays” a reality.

My son doesn’t want to BE a millionaire. Millionaires are usually too stressed to enjoy life. My son wan’t to enjoy life. To experience life. And darn it, I do too!

2 Responses to “Self Reflection”

  1. Grandma March 22, 2015 at 6:29 am #

    So many truths in this post. BTW – Cinderella is here now and I am checking if it will be here until late in this week. We went to “Marigold” yesterday and I forgot to ask Cinderella dates. Hopefully, we can all go together.

  2. Dana Cire April 2, 2015 at 10:28 am #

    Grandpa Charlie seemed to always find a way to make travels a part of his life. He is a good mentor to have.

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