A Snowball Fight

16 Feb

Forgive me for not posting to this blog in ohhhh FOREVER. It has been one crazy few months. I have had so much to post about and wish I was disciplined enough to spend an hour a week blogging. It would have been fun to look back on our panicked frantic selves and (hopefully) laugh at how dramatic we were.

House hunting. Need I say more?

Well, maybe I will get around to posting about those escapades, but for now I want to remember this small memory from today. Something seemingly small, but it has rally changed my heart which really needed to be done. I don’t even know the last time my heart felt so heavy.

I guess this story needs a bit of a preface to really get why it was such a great moment for me. We have been house hunting since January 1st. It isn’t a long time at all, but it seems like it has been a year since we started looking. It started off pretty rocky. We had to fire our first real estate agent. I hate confrontation and have NEVER fired anyone before. I fired him as nicely as I possibly could and he still went crazy calling us all sorts of names and was a total jerk. Dude, you were trying to show us fire damaged houses and houses in senior communities…Really?! Anyway we ended up with an absolutely AMAZING agent so all of the stress with the first agent was totally worth it.

House hunting is NOTHING like House Hunters. We had this Norman Rockwell image in our heads when we started looking. We thought it would be so easy and that we would find something day one and it would all be smooth sailing. Well, after our first offer was rejected… and second… and third… (All of which were at least $10,000 over asking price) we started to realize it wasn’t going to be the Norman Rockwell experience we hoped it would be.

Fast forward to offer number EIGHT and it was accepted!!!! Tom called me to tell me the news when I was at my son’s dance competition. I wish we had been together when we found out. I wanted to be excited, but I was just incredibly stressed out. We were worried  that the appraisal would fall through, the loan would fall through or the inspection would go wrong. We were supposed to be happy, but we argued more that week than we have in years. I am a micro manager. I hated the fact that I had no control over what happened the next month.

We were in a major funk. I was exhausted. My eye was twitching literally 15 hours a day. I hated how I felt. Well, today something seemed to have changed. Somehow we managed to climb out of our funk. It snowed today. I hate snow so I figured the day would suck. Well, Nikkos and Tom went outside to shovel and Ariahna gave me these big puppy dog eyes and wanted to go outside, too. As much as I hate the snow I couldn’t let my baby girl sit inside looking longingly at her dad and brother outside. I put on my snow boots and gloves and went outside with her.

She decided that we needed to build a snowman so I attempted to build one with her. It looked dis proportioned and looked like it may fall over at any moment. She was ELATED. And you know what? I was actually having a pretty good time as well. Tom and Nikkos had finished shoveling and I felt a smack on my back. SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! We must have looked nuts to the neighbors running around the yard for an hour. Tom and I probably had even more fun than the kids. We were laughing. The first time I remember doing that since the house hunt started.

Eventually we were all covered in snow and were freezing so we went inside, got our pajamas on at 4 in the afternoon and I made hot chocolate. I felt so complete. I felt so incredibly blessed to have my beautiful kids and amazing husband. I forgot about the paperwork and signatures of a house hunt and remembered what really mattered. My family.

It is amazing how the smallest things in life can mean the most to you. I am so happy my daughter gave me those puppy dog eyes. If she hadn’t I would probably still have the heaviest heart tonight. Instead my heart is so full of happiness and love for my beautiful little family.

One Response to “A Snowball Fight”

  1. Grandma February 17, 2015 at 6:19 am #

    I had fun reading this………….so happy that you let go!!

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