To My Son On His First Day Of School

22 Aug


Today you have graduated into the world and are growing up right before my eyes. I remember the day you were born your daddy and I were talking about how we had five whole years to get to know you and enjoy you before you entered into the world of school. What we didn’t know is that five years wasn’t even close to enough! You have blossomed into such an amazing boy with a great love for learning. Please keep that love for learning. It will take you far.

We want you to know that you light up any room you walk into and can make friends wherever you go. We want to remember that your baby sister cried the night before you started kindergarten and you gave her a big hug and told her everything was going to be alright. Please never lose that compassion for others.

On your first day of kindergarten you went through three outfits before you found the perfect one and boy did you look so handsome today. As you lined up outside I went to give you one last hug, but you were FAR too cool to hug me back and I understand that. You were trying to be such a big boy and I had to remind myself that you still wear Scooby Doo pajamas to bed, still call me “Mommy” and still enjoy bedtime stories.

You will laugh at me and call me silly when I tell you that Daddy and I cried all the way to the car and tried to crack jokes just so we wouldn’t keep crying. You will also laugh when I tell you that Daddy opened your door to the car out of habit and got such a look of sadness when he realized he didn’t need to open the door.

All we did the rest of the day is countdown until we could see you again. Daddy paced back and forth in the living room and tried to stay strong, but the reality is that, in a day, our family dynamic had changed forever.

Daddy was convinced that we were going to get to the school way too early in the afternoon, but when we got there we saw many other parents with that same sad, empty look on their faces as they paced back and forth waiting for their own kids to get out of school.

When you walked out the door it took all of my restraint to not run up to you and give you the biggest hug. I was so proud that you listened to your teacher and lined up against the wall even though you saw me. You were smiling from ear to ear just like I was! She asked if any kids saw their “grownups” and you were the first person to say that you saw yours.

It seemed like you aged a year in those few hours.

You told me that you could get used to this kindergarten thing and I was so happy to hear that you had a good time.

This is the beginning of letting my baby go. I know you will make us proud this year and for the twelve that follow. You are such a bright little boy (BIG boy). We love you so much!


Mommy and Daddy

One Response to “To My Son On His First Day Of School”

  1. Grandma August 22, 2013 at 12:36 pm #

    I know Nikkos will love reading your words someday when he is older. I loved it too.

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