Sandy Hook Elementary

17 Dec

I have been thinking about the Sandy Hook shooting for the past few days. Let me rephrase, I have been thinking about the Sandy Hook massacre CONSTANTLY since it happened. I didn’t know if I would write anything about it because I knew nothing I said would fix anything. Nothing I say can bring back those innocent children and heroes who were lost.

I feel lost. I don’t understand why something so incredibly horrific can happen. They were children. Six and seven years old. Still innocent to the demons of the world and still looking forward to Santa coming down their chimneys in a couple of weeks. I almost feel guilty. I feel like I should have died instead, any adult should have died instead.

It is heartbreaking that those families have presents under their trees for children who will never get to open them.

We send our children off to school and think that they will be safe. They should have been safe. The scary thing is that it could have been any of our children. The shooting didn’t happen in a bad town, not at all. It happened in a sleepy New England town that was safe.

I can’t help that a part of me feels heartbroken for the person who did this too. He must have been a very tortured boy. A very, very broken boy to commit such an evil act. I lie awake at night wondering if he could have been helped. Wondering if the system failed him the way he failed humanity. Wondering if he, like many people with disabilities, fell through the cracks and was simply… Forgotten.

What is happening to the world?

Are guns the problem?


Violent video games?

Parents over extending themselves?

Financial crisis?


Why are all of these people killing for NO reason? No good reason, anyway.

Again, I am left with more questions than answers.

The community of Sandy Hook will be in my prayers this Christmas season. I will be sure I don’t take every hug, every kiss, every twinkle in each of my children’s eyes for granted. I will praise God in this storm and know that there are 26 more beautiful angels in Heaven watching down on all of us.

God bless every one of them.

One Response to “Sandy Hook Elementary”

  1. 1st-time mom December 17, 2012 at 5:34 pm #

    Well said…

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