When Did Everyone Become…Adults?

29 Oct

This is going to sound stupid considering I have three children, a husband of three years and have been an “adult” for some time, but when did everyone become adults? My Facebook used to be riddled with stupid posts about toga parties and beer and now all of a sudden it is wedding and baby central. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see an absence of sorority pictures and frat party regrets, but it’s strange.

In all actuality it makes me a pretty huge hypocrite. I look at pregnancy pictures and weddings and keep thinking to myself that these people are far too young, but I did it all when I was even younger. Facebook is strange in that you feel like everyone is the same age they were the last time you saw them in “real life” and that would be high school for many of my friends.

I never did the frat party, sorority, college dorm thing. Even before I got pregnant I had no desire to do the stereotypical college thing. I felt, and still feel, that it is just an extension of high school, but with less supervision. Not my idea of fun.

Its strange to see people growing up. Refreshing, but strange. It’s also strange to still be at a different point in my life then all of them. They are doing the whole baby, wedding thing and I have already passed that. I am in the marriage, preschool thing. I will always be in limbo. Not established enough for people in the marriage, preschool thing and too established for the baby, wedding thing.

On a completely unrelated note, I feel like life is going to be changing soon in a good way. Not sure what changes will happen, but I know they will be good changes.

Off to play with my preschoolers who will soon graduate to the school age children phase leaving me even more separated from the baby, wedding people.

Later days blog world!

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