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Too Many Ideas, Not Enough Time

31 Oct

The beauty of working for yourself is that the possibilities are endless. In the past couple of years I have learned that it is smart to not have all your eggs in one basket. Crucial even. When all of your eggs are in one basket you are setting yourself up for stress and likely even failure. What if your basket gets knocked over or raided by egg eating dinosaurs? Your business will fail.

It is a huge stress relief to not have to rely on just one stream of income. Currently Tom and I have four sources of income that will hopefully grow in the next twelve months to more like ten sources of income. It is such a relief to know that if, god forbid, Amazon we’re to close our account we would still be able to put food on the table for our family.

Amazon is currently our largest source of income and that is because it is the most viable option given our time constraints. The kids are only at the sitter two days a week which severely impacts our ability to expand. Tom working 48 hours a week at his primary job definitely doesn’t help the time issue.

It has been an incredibly difficult balancing act for us. We want to give every business the time and energy that they deserve, that they need, but time is the big killer for us. It is a work in progress and hopefully something that we learn to adapt to. Working for yourself is just that, WORK. It often involves 16 hour days and 7 day work weeks. It involves organization, accountability and the ability to wear 100 different hats at the same time. Accountant, secretary, sales, tech, customer service, and in my case wife, mommy, maid and chef too.

There is no magic formula as to which venues you should go into. People have varying success in all of them. Look at all of your options and figure out which of them fits in with your business plan. I have been brainstorming future arbitrage opportunities:

My own website
An ebook
Traditional employment
Craft fairs

To name a few.

What are your strengths? Where do you see your business going? What will make you happy at the end of the day? What will be worth your time to do?

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

It’s official. I am the worlds worst mom because we did not carve pumpkins this year. Between the fact that Nikkos gags whenever he touches pumpkin guts, the fact that we won’t even be home to light the pumpkins up and the fact that the kids are still too young to really carve pumpkins by themselves we just decided it wasn’t worth it. But of course now I am sad that we didn’t carve pumpkins because I haven’t missed a year of carving pumpkins…ever.

This whole Halloween is a strange one. The recent abductions, election and economy have made it a BLAH kind of month. Hopefully after the election people don’t lose the Christmas spirit. I rely on the Christmas spirit. I think a lot of people do.

We did some Halloween crafts, decorated treat bags and went to a couple of pumpkin patches and fall festivals so the kids didnt COMPLETELY miss out. Hopefully people don’t keep their lights off for trick or treating this year. Last year it felt like half the neighborhood hid inside and didn’t want any part of Halloween. I have a feeling trick or treating is becoming a thing of the past. I have admittedly never really been a fan of the holiday. The whole going up to strangers houses and asking for candy is strange to me. But, my kids love it and my husband loves it so I am forced to want its existence to remain.

Plus, who can’t resist an adorable little Spiderman and Rapunzel? Not this mama.

Hopefully my bah humbug feeling is gone before Christmas. All I want this year is to have a quiet holiday season with my family. I don’t want presents. I want to create memories and traditions. I don’t want to get sucked into the commercialism of it all. All I want for Christmas is for the quality of life to be able to take a road trip to Texas whenever I want. To spend time with the people I love most. All I want for Christmas is to be able to see my husband for longer than 10 minutes in the morning before he has to hurry off to work.

Tonight will be about seeing my kids smiling. Thanksgiving will be a quiet night at home with my kids and my husband. Christmas will be all about playing board games in our matching pajamas all day.

I’m going to go sing some Christmas carols and eat some Halloween candy and then get Spiderman and Rapunzel ready for their debut.

Later days blog world.

When Did Everyone Become…Adults?

29 Oct

This is going to sound stupid considering I have three children, a husband of three years and have been an “adult” for some time, but when did everyone become adults? My Facebook used to be riddled with stupid posts about toga parties and beer and now all of a sudden it is wedding and baby central. Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to see an absence of sorority pictures and frat party regrets, but it’s strange.

In all actuality it makes me a pretty huge hypocrite. I look at pregnancy pictures and weddings and keep thinking to myself that these people are far too young, but I did it all when I was even younger. Facebook is strange in that you feel like everyone is the same age they were the last time you saw them in “real life” and that would be high school for many of my friends.

I never did the frat party, sorority, college dorm thing. Even before I got pregnant I had no desire to do the stereotypical college thing. I felt, and still feel, that it is just an extension of high school, but with less supervision. Not my idea of fun.

Its strange to see people growing up. Refreshing, but strange. It’s also strange to still be at a different point in my life then all of them. They are doing the whole baby, wedding thing and I have already passed that. I am in the marriage, preschool thing. I will always be in limbo. Not established enough for people in the marriage, preschool thing and too established for the baby, wedding thing.

On a completely unrelated note, I feel like life is going to be changing soon in a good way. Not sure what changes will happen, but I know they will be good changes.

Off to play with my preschoolers who will soon graduate to the school age children phase leaving me even more separated from the baby, wedding people.

Later days blog world!

Yep. Blog fail.

26 Oct

I have committed a major blog fail and have completely neglected this blog. I blame it on…life. Between Toms crazy hours at work, three kids and two businesses it has been a crazy month. Sadly I don’t see things slowing down anytime soon. We prepared for a very busy few months so at least I saw it coming.

The biggest consumer of time lately has been work. Fourth quarter is massively busy for our Amazon and eBay businesses. Trying to expand while still meeting the holiday demand has proven to be very difficult and makes for many 80 hour work weeks. On the positive side our savings account has never been happier.

Aside from eBay inventory taking over our house it has been pretty calm as far as family life goes. The kids and I have been enjoying the cozy weather and all of the fun activities and crafts that go along with fall. I just desperately wish Tom could be a part of them. Luckily he can go with us tomorrow to trick or treat at the zoo and he is off on Halloween which we didn’t think would happen. Very very excited about that.

Gosh, for not having written in a few weeks I sadly don’t have much to say. I guess things have been hectic, but nothing super exciting or super terrible has happened to write about. Probably a good thing because I have no room in my schedule for craziness haha.

I’m not going to make a promise to blog more because I’m not sure it’s a promise I can keep. The holidays are only getting busier and my best hope is to just stay above water at this point.

Wishing I could take a week off and bake with my grandma or catch up on garbage tv or relax for five seconds. Maybe in January.

Off to sort a massive pile of inventory while simultaneously being a decent parent and not neglecting my children.

Sigh. The life of a stay at home mom/business owner.

Later days blog world!

I Adore Colorado In The Fall

3 Oct

Tom and I went up Guanella Pass this past Saturday to appreciate the beautiful colors and to celebrate our 6 year dating anniversary (yes we celebrate our dating anniversary). Guanella Pass was ok. It was pretty crowded and I think we missed the best colors by a week or so. We came back to town via 6th and that was more stunning, but there weren’t many places to pull off to take pictures. Sadly we only got a few pictures and they aren’t as good as they have been in the past.

My Birthday

2 Oct

My birthday is coming up this Saturday. I always kind of dread my birthday. Its not because I fear getting old or anything. Its the center of attention and opening presents part that I dread. I hate being the center of attention, especially when I don’t feel like I did anything to earn it. I was born. From what I recall my mom did all the work that day. I also hate opening presents. I find it painfully awkward. I don’t really want people to give me stuff and I always panic because if I don’t like the gift I feel like it will show all over my face. I’m not big on parties and decorations and cake either.

I want to sit at home drinking chai, cuddled up in bed reading gossip magazines on my birthday. I want to spend the day in sweats and maybe watch a movie with my kids. I will be happy when my birthday is over and I can focus on the next birthday, Ariahna turning three.

Celebrate when I actually do something worth celebrating. Lets have a party when I hit a business milestone. Pull out the balloons and streamers when Nikkos grabs my face and tells me I am the most beautifulest mommy he has ever seen. THATS something worth celebrating.

On Saturday I will celebrate my parents for creating me and for the parenting they have done in the past and continue to do. As I humbly appreciate the gifts and birthday wishes I will secretly be waiting until October 7th when the birthday thing is all over.

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