A Letter To Myself

5 Sep

Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror and ignore the imperfections. Nothing about you is imperfect. Stop being your own worst enemy. Stop pretending you have a hollowed out heart and believe in yourself. Stop being so jaded and realize people don’t have to fit your mold of “good” to actually BE good. You are doing a good job, but being cynical is stopping you from being great. Keep an open mind and love people the way God wants them to be loved.

People make mistakes. You don’t have to forget them, but forgiving them would be good for your soul and for them too. People have forgiven you. Don’t take everything so damn seriously. Sometimes you should smile and laugh and not care who is watching or why they are watching. Perfection is boring and the logical side of you should know it isn’t even possible to be perfect. In trying to be perfect you are forgetting to laugh at your silly mistakes and forgive yourself. Life isn’t all about growing pains. Stop and take a breath to embrace your imperfections.

You’re a beautiful girl. Why do you always assume the world is against you? Don’t let the one or two bad apples ruin your perceptions of everyone else. Everyone has a story. Maybe you could learn a thing or two about acceptance from some of them. Maybe getting to know someone who uses “your” when they should have used “you’re” would be a good idea. How silly to make such petty judgements. Not everyone judges the way you do.

Everything about your life may be a beautiful oops, but that’s better than being an ugly on purpose.

Don’t give up on the world so easily. Don’t give up on humanity so easily. Maybe God is tearing things down to make something even more beautiful. Give him a chance. Give others a chance. Give yourself a chance. You’re beautiful. Keep your chin up.

One Response to “A Letter To Myself”

  1. Grandma September 5, 2012 at 2:34 pm #

    Very, very nice and honest!!

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