I Think I Can, I Think I Can, I Think I Can

7 Aug

I guess I should start with a health update. I am officially on the mend! I have been keeping hydrated and the sinus pressure, stuffy nose and aches are gone. All that’s left is this pesky cough, but I can live with that.

Let me preface this blog by saying that I have the worlds most supportive mom. She may not be perfect in every aspect of my life, but I can always count on her to give advice when its asked for and to support all of my decisions. I honestly don’t know what I would do without her.

Lately Tom and I have felt the clock ticking when it comes to big decisions in our lives. Nikkos starts school next fall and we have really felt like we need to decide where we are going to live because we do not want him changing schools every few years. We have put a lot of thought and conversation into this topic. Normally we are really spur of the moment decision makers, but not this time. We thought about the pros and cons of every decision and have put our little family first. Your brain can turn into one giant heap of mud when you try to make a million big decisions all at once. That is where my mom came into the picture.

Rarely do I ever ask people what they would do if they were me because, honestly, I usually really don’t care. Some situations just require the thoughts of someone from the outside looking in. I over complicate things and want everything to always be perfect. My mom put things in perspective and made me see how far our family has come in the past few years. She made me see that I don’t need everything right now. We need to take it one step at a time. She made me see that it is silly to pack up and move right when we are comfortable with our house and our bills and our location. It isn’t the end of the world if we rent a few more years and stay right where we are. We are in a great school district with a great babysitter literally two blocks away. We pay well below what we should pay for rent according to all of the other prices I have seen for this area.

Sometimes you just have to step back and put things in perspective and appreciate how far you have come. Do I want the perfect farm house in the perfect location? Yes. Do I need that right now? Not at all. I need to stop expecting perfection and appreciate the present. If we stay here we can save money and have a better quality of life. If we stay here we are three minutes from Tom’s job and two minutes from the babysitter. If we stay here I won’t have to freak out about making the rent payment. If we stay here I can build my business the way I want to and not feel rushed. If we stay here we can afford for Tom to work part time and go to school full time and get his degree.

Someday we will have the perfect house and we will both be able to have our dream jobs. I’m young. Our family is young. We are happy and healthy and have a good quality of life.

The goal needs to be growth, not perfection.

Wooosaaahhhh Blog World. Later days!


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