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Another Late Night Conversation With My Husband

31 Aug

Disclaimer. There may be some profanity in this post and there may be some political opinions. You have been warned.

Tom: You know, it’s annoying when people say Obama hasn’t done anything for this country. He was pretty much given a pile of s#!+ to work with.

Me: Yeah. And we should be thankful because now its a POLISHED pile of s#!+

On a somewhat related note I wish Bill Clinton could be president again. Sure he cheated on his husband wife, but he was far better than the garbage we have had in the past 10 years. That is all the political blogging you will be hearing from me. I despise talking politics. It makes my blood boil.

That Moment When…

29 Aug

You have a brilliant idea
And your heart starts racing
And your palms start sweating
And suddenly the world literally
Seems so much brighter
And you can’t sleep
Because you are too excited
And you wake up
And don’t even need coffee
And it feels like Christmas




That’s pretty much my life right now. Such vanity.

A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes

29 Aug

I always dreamed of living in the country.

The dream included freshly made sweet tea, a tire swing and a golden retriever named Chuck.

I would wake up to the very distant sound of a rooster crowing its early morning wake up call.

The front yard would have a white picket fence and the back yard wouldn’t have a fence at all.

There would be a tree house out among the trees and the kids would get lost in their imaginations until I called them inside for dinner.

We would have a home cooked meal as a family every single night.

My kids wouldn’t care about the newest toys, or plastic junk as Dave Ramsey refers to them as.

Family would be all we needed.

In my dream we would have five acres of land and my children would be the best of friends.

Chuck would have a few barnyard cats to keep him company and sunsets would always be perfect.

There would always be a refreshing breeze at night time and the temperature during the day would almost always hover around 75 degrees.

But on Christmas morning there would be a blanket of fresh snow and we would sit by the fire and watch the kids sledding for hours.

A game of Scrabble before bedtime would almost be expected and my husband would never just let me win.

I may never have that dog named Chuck, but we have three cats that are just as good.

We won’t always have home cooked meals because sometimes you just need to splurge and order a pizza.

I follow the recipe, but my sweet tea never comes out right. Coffee will have to do.

The rooster crowing would probably get on my nerves.

Tire swings are dangerous. I have enough to be anxious about.

I get tired of perfect weather. I like the crispness of fall and the cozy weather in winter.

As for the rest of my dreams, I know they will someday come true. For now I am going to be happy with my frozen pizzas and my 90 degree heat and my kids can pretend Nikkos’ closet is a tree house.

I Am Going To Hang Up My Pant Suit

28 Aug

And trade it in for a pair of sweatpants and a football jersey.

Tom and I were talking last night about how we wish we knew four years ago what we know today. If I had started my business four years ago the business would be more successful and we wouldn’t have had to deal with all of the stress of being flat broke like we did for a number of years. For example, we sold his huge vintage video game collection for $200 to be able to pay the rent one month. At the time it was for survival, but looking at the values of those games on eBay it almost makes me sick. Conservatively we could have gotten $2500 if we sold them on eBay. Ouch.

As we stood in our kitchen last night we were talking about jobs. It has been almost ten years since my very first job interview to become a costume character at our local theme park. Wow time flies. Anyway, as we were talking I got this horrible anxiety. I realized that the thought of punching the time clock, wearing a uniform, working under another persons rules and wearing that dreaded pant suit to another interview ever again made me sick.

I don’t see how I could ever go back to that. I don’t think I ever will. I enjoy working in my basement in my gym shorts and tank top riddled with holes too much. I enjoy blasting Usher and drinking a glass of wine at closing time. I have gotten used to getting to see my kids whenever I want and when it is nice outside and I want to play with my kids I don’t have to call in sick to a job. The boss lady told me I could go admire the zebras at the zoo for the millionth time.

At some point in the course of this conversation we were talking about going to school. I don’t need a degree to do my job. I want one, but not at the expense of our finances, our family or my job. The conversation went something like this:

Me: I kind of see getting a degree like getting a boob job and a nose job right now. It is kind of a selfish thing to do when the kids are small and we don’t have the savings I want.

Tom: Yeah. But my degree is more important.

Me: Well, yeah. Your degree is important like… (I tried really hard to think of an equivalent to my boob job/nose job analogy)…like your leg getting cut off and you needing a fake leg… or you getting gallstones and needing surgery to remove your gall bladder.

Tom: *Blank stare*

Me: Well? Which one would YOU do first?!

Tom: Um…..I would…uhhh? I would probably get the leg…yeah…I would get the leg.

I was pretty confused by his hesitation until I realized he thought I wanted him to chose between the gall bladder surgery vs the prosthetic leg. I definitely wanted him to chose between the cosmetic surgery vs the medically necessary surgery. Why he decided getting a prosthetic leg is more important than getting gallstones removed is beyond me.
Moral of the story, absolutely nothing beats a glass of wine and chatting with my husband at the end of the night.

Caution: Photo Overload

26 Aug

I was looking at my blog for a brief second today and noticed something. It looks so…boring. I really have no pictures and snooping into another person’s life is so much more fulfilling when pictures are added. Get ready for a picture explosion from the last few days of my life! You’re welcome.

This is my mess of a craft area. We were busy bees tagging away last week for the sale. I think we sold about 70 of our 75 items. Totally worth the work. We usually have a lot more, but I guess we have done a good job this year donating things.

We didn’t even have an insane amount of clothes like we did last year. I think we finally realized our kids don’t need a new outfit for each day of the year. Ha!

And then we tackled the mountain of books that took over our garage. 202 books and 100lbs later they were shipped off to Amazon for an eventual profit of almost $6,000

And they were worth every excruciating hour they took to enter. I despise entering books. I have gotten lazy with my barcode scanner that takes two seconds when I enter toys.

Saturday we decided to move our ginormous Expedit from the living room to my sons room. Sooo not a fun experience. We ended up having to take it completely apart because it wouldn’t fit up the stairs. Super happy the main floor of the house is now completely toy free though. A busted thumb, a nearly broken foot and some bickering later it found a new home.

I had to take pictures of his room when it was clean to prove that, at one point it was clean. Nikkos has actually done a really good job keeping it clean the past couple of days. A pleasant surprise.

The day he decides he is too old for a Mickey Mouse room is the day I cry myself to sleep. Also, Tom painted the owl picture. My hubby is so artsy 🙂

And Pinterest was my friend when I decided to make the “N” out of buttons.

There will be an entire post about this bad boy when I upload the “before” pictures off Tom’s phone. This is our first refurbishing project and I adore it. It isn’t finished, but this weekend we still decided to put our Fire King collection on it. Yes, one of the pictures in the frame is missing. I used it for a project for my MIL and haven’t replaced it yet. Shame on me!

The hutch has 1950’s farmhouse written all over it

Call me a nerd, but this drawer is the crown jewel of the hutch in my humble opinion.

And this excitement is what consumed a good few hours of today. I cleaned about 100 coffee mugs by hand that I will list on eBay this week

My hands are literally still pruned from washing all of them

And I am admittedly still cranky from removing 100 irritating price stickers

This one is my favorite mug. I may keep it. Laurel Burch is amazing.

I have decided that in my next life I want to be a Jamaican cat. After watching the Olympics I decided Jamaicans have way more fun than anyone else and cats get to do this all day. By the way, this is Helga…who is a boy. Thats what happens when you let a four year old name a cat.

This is a welcome scene after a nail polish fiasco that left me cleaning nail polish off carpet and Ariahna crying in timeout. More often than not this is how you will find her. Surrounded by books. I love it.

And Nikkos decided to read too. It was an amazing ending to a hectic few days.

My goal is to include more pictures in my blog from now on. Likely not 500 pictures, but certainly more than zero. Feel free to tell me how exciting my life is. Hehe.

Sometimes I Just Forget

24 Aug

I forget how old I am (really!)
I forget what my husband JUST told me
I forget to put the laundry in the dryer
I forget how much our rent is
I forget numbers
I forget figures
I forget passwords
I forget why I walked into that room
I forget what I was going to order for dinner
I forget what day it is
I forget what year it is
I forget my kids birthdays
I forget the years they were born
I forget what I forgot to do
I forget what I remembered to do
I forget

Those are the shadows of anxiety. The things people don’t think even exist. Anxiety is one of those sneaky things that, if you aren’t careful, can sneak up on you and cause years of your life to simply be forgotten. Vanish.

But it’s funny, because I remember

Thousands of song lyrics
My sons favorite flavor of ice cream
Small moments that happened years ago
Irrelevant moments
I remember my husbands social security number
And my bank account balance
And my old cars license plate number

Sometimes you just have to laugh at the things you can’t control and remember that forgetting isn’t the end all be all to a productive life.

Sometimes You Need To Be Content With Your Decisions

23 Aug

I have been going back and forth in my head debating on writing this post, but a situation today was kind of the straw that broke the camels back. I want to avoid making this such a negative blog. There are tons of amazing things going on in my life and I really want to focus more on those, but sometimes typing things out makes my anger/anxiety better.

I am a member of several forums and facebook groups that are related to my business. They are comprised of many sellers who usually have great tips and advice. The forums are almost a family of people who work from their homes. It’s a way to socialize and network and learn. The tips from these forums have saved me thousands of dollars and hundreds of mistakes.

Most of the people in these forums are good, honest, hard working people. I hate that a few bad apples can spoil such a good experience. There is one man who runs one of the groups. Hundreds of new sellers rely on him and several other people who have been selling for a long time for tips and advice. I just have a really hard time swallowing some of the garbage he spews all over the page.

Today he posted about how he found a futon at a thrift store for $15 and is selling it for $85. Great, right? Well, he posted the Craigslist ad that he created for the futon. It was a total lie. He said the futon came from his pet free, smoke free house and his son no longer wanted it. He got it at a thrift store. He had no clue where it came from. Tons of people out there are highly allergic to pet dander. If they bought this futon thinking it had never been around pets and it had been around pets they would have wasted $85.

I think the leaders of this industry and any industry should be focusing on running a morally sound business. I find it morally wrong to flat out lie about items, especially beds. It probably doesn’t matter much if you are selling a bowl or a coffee mug, but a bed?! Someone is buying that trusting that it did come from a pet free home like you stated.

I don’t want new people to think that’s ok. I would never want an extra $50 badly enough to lie as a means of getting it. Unfortunately that’s pretty common for many businesses. I never plan to make lying a part of my business. If it makes me lose the $50 sale then so be it. At least I will be able to sleep at night knowing I am morally sound.

Off my high horse now and on to another cup of coffee.

Later days blog world!

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